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To make this terms and conditions simple and short as below:

1. All merchants, vendors or individual seller on the internet are free to post coupons.

2. Scope of coupon or sale posting is limited to categories which are defined.

3. Posting a coupon message shall not include gambling, sexsual, hate, racism, words attacks, voilence, and communications that violate the law. Webmaster will regularly and automatically delete the message if it is violated.

4. Friendly trust writing messages, clear and quantified messages are always welcome.

5. COUPONS.TAYO.PH reserves the right to publish, unpublish all merchants, and all coupons in this website and keeps to update terms and conditions anytime.


Hi ! Welcome to COUPONS.TAYO.PH !

Submitting coupons is easy by few clicking away.

In order to submit coupons, it's required that you register an account. If you have registerred already, please jump to Step 4 to login and manage your coupons. Please refer to sample processes screenshots below.

Step 1. Register as merchant: Fill up basic information.

Step 2. Verify by clicking email link in your mailbox.

Step 3. Once verified, a successful message will appear.

Step 4. Login

Step 5. Manage profile and coupons

Step 6. Press [New coupon] to create a new coupon.

Step 7. Fill up coupon information and press [Submit]

Step 8. A submitted message will appear.

That's it !


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