Featured destinations
Looking for cheap flights? Find out the top destinations we're flying to.

    Flights to Kalibo
    Flights to Cebu
    Flights to Singapore
    Flights to Puerto Princesa
    Flights to Manila

    Flights to Hong Kong
    Flights to Macao
    Flights to Davao
    Flights to Kota Kinabalu
    Flights to Brunei

    Flights to Kuala Lumpur
    Flights to Seoul
    Flights to Bali
    Flights to Siem Reap
    Flights to Tokyo

Check out the full list of exciting destinations we fly to!
Air Asia Philippines Domestic Flights:

Lowest Fares    Destinations    
PHP 590    Boracay-Caticlan to Cebu    
PHP 1,005    Boracay-Caticlan to Manila    
PHP 316    Cebu to Clark    
PHP 316    Cebu to Davao    
PHP 905    Cebu to Manila    
PHP 690    Cebu to Caticlan – Boracay    
PHP 690    Cebu to Puerto Princesa (Palawan)    
PHP 16    Clark to Cebu    
PHP 790    Clark to Davao    
PHP 16    Clark to Iloilo    
PHP 390    Clark to Puerto Princesa (Palawan)    
PHP 16    Clark to Tacloban    
PHP 216    Davao to Cebu    
PHP 990    Davao to Clark    
PHP 1,405    Davao to Manila    
PHP 216    Iloilo to Clark    
PHP 216    Iloilo to Manila    
PHP 705    Kalibo to Manila    
PHP 790    Manila to Cebu    
PHP 1,390    Manila to Davao    
PHP 201    Manila to Iloilo    
PHP 690    Manila to Kalibo    
PHP 990    Manila to Caticlan – Boracay    
PHP 690    Manila to Puerto Princesa (Palawan)    
PHP 790    Manila to Tacloban    
PHP 1,490    Manila to Tagbilaran    
PHP 590    Puerto Princesa to Cebu    
PHP 590    Puerto Princesa to Clark    
PHP 705    Puerto Princesa to Manila    
PHP 166    Tacloban to Clark    
PHP 755    Tacloban to Manila    
PHP 1,405    Tagbilaran to Manila

Featured countries
Check out the destinations we are flying to from the popular countries below:

    Flights to Malaysia
    Flights to Singapore
    Flights to Myanmar
    Flights to Indonesia
    Flights to Japan

    Flights to Philippines
    Flights to Australia
    Flights to Hong Kong
    Flights to Taiwan
    Flights to India

    Flights to Vietnam
    Flights to Nepal
    Flights to Cambodia
    Flights to Thailand
    Flights to China

Discover the countries we fly to for the lowest fares across a WIDE network!
Air Asia Philippines International Flights:
Lowest Fares    Destinations    
PHP 2,990    Cebu to Seoul    
PHP 2,390    Cebu to Kuala Lumpur    
PHP 1,990    Cebu to Taipei – Taoyuan    
PHP 990    Clark to Taipei – Taoyuan    
PHP 3,416    Davao to Kuala Lumpur    
PHP 2,890    Kalibo to Seoul    
PHP 2,890    Kalibo to Busan    
PHP 1,690    Manila to Kota Kinabalu    
PHP 2,390    Manila to Guangzhou    
PHP 2,690    Manila to Bali    
PHP 1,990    Manila to Hong Kong    
PHP 2,990    Manila to Seoul    
PHP 2,290    Manila to Kuala Lumpur    
PHP 1,990    Manila to Macao    
PHP 3,390    Manila to Shanghai    
PHP 1,590    Manila to Taipei – Taoyuan

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* Fares are not available during embargo period
* Fares shown are for BIG Members only

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* A non-refundable processing fee is applicable for payments via credit, debit or charge card.

* Fare includes airport taxes (except for selected airports where airport tax is collected at the point of departure).

* Seats are limited and may not be available on all flights

* Valid for new purchases only

* All fares are quoted for single journey (one-way) only

* All taxes must be paid at the time of purchase unless otherwise stated

* Foreign fares are subjected to currency exchange rates

* Offer is subject to availability and AirAsia’s Terms and Conditions of Carriage

* No refunds are permitted after payment has been made

* Guests travelling need to provide all necessary travel documents (eg valid passport, visa where applicable etc) at the time of departure

* AirAsia reserves the right to deny guests from boarding without proper documentation

* Full payment shall be made upon booking

* Changes to flights and dates are permitted subject to change fees
* Changes to name are not permitted

* Only available for online bookings at www.airasia.com.

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