1.Open to existing customers who have a GCash account linked to Messenger.

2.User must be verified (at least Semi Verified) to be able to send money.

3.User A (referrer) sends at least P3 to a non-GCash friend (User B) thru the Messenger bot.

4.User B must not be registered to GCash yet.

5.User B must sign up and register or create an account on GCash in Messenger.

6.User B will then be able to claim the money sent to him.

7.User A will receive P50 for each valid Send Money referral.

8.User A can receive P1,250 max or 25 persons referred.

9.User A cannot refer himself using a different account / device.

10.Referral will be validated after 24-48 hrs.

11.Once referral is confirmed valid, seeding will be done (48 to 72 hrs from referral date).

1.Subs who have linked their GCash to their Messenger accounts.

2.Limited to referrals made during the promo period only.

3.Only “create” users or new to GCash users will be considered as valid referrals.


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